Hair Salon Services

Personalized Haircutting

Personalized Haircutting

A great haircut is the foundation of all hairstyling. An exceptional hair designer is the architect of that great haircut. At The Cutting Crew our stylists take the time to learn about your lifestyle, your expectations, and work on giving you a look that is all your own. Every haircut begins with a shampoo and conditioning treatment using the best products that Biolage and Matrix have to offer. After your haircut, your stylist will educate you on how to style your hair after you leave the salon, and on the tools used to create your finished look. Talk to your stylist about the many ways one of our colour techniques will help enhance your new look.

Hair Colouring

Colour is just one of our passions at The Cutting Crew. Colour is the ultimate expression of our art. Our goal is to design a colour that will compliment your skin tone, eye colour, natural features and most importantly…your lifestyle. Colouring techniques are constantly changing and in some cases it is worn like living art. Colour can be complimentary and harmonious, or radical and daring. Either way colour must work to enhance your overall look.

We carry only the highest quality hair colourings with several different hair colouring lines to choose from. On-going education in the latest trends, ensure that you will always have beautiful results and the exceptional conditioning
that you expect. That's our guarantee.

Hair Colouring

Hi Lites

Also known as Colour Illuminations, Low-liting, or Streaking, hi-lites accent a small percentage of your hair, lightening, darkening or simply matching your natural colour to blend or cover un-pigmented hair. Colouring 20% to 60% of hair produces no evident line of demarcation reducing the frequency of necessary touch-ups.


Foiling is exactly what it sounds like. Pieces of foil are placed strategically through the hair for different effects. Under the umbrella of foiling are techniques such as weaving, slices and chunks. Our stylists are all highly skilled in the use of foils to add sunny strands or auburn highlights. With foiling techniques you can be subtle and have slices, or go bold by adding rich caramel "chunks" of colour.

  • Radical Riches

    Put red and blonde together or black and red together and you've got "Wow!" Sure to be noticed in the crowd.

  • Dark & Delicious

    Put creamy caramel and rich chocolate together and you've got luscious locks so shiny, you'll have them begging to run their fingers through your hair!

  • Café Latte meets the Ice Queen

    Add 3 dimensions of blonde throughout your tresses and you're sure to melt anyone's heart!

    Whatever effect you wish to achieve, talk to your Cutting Crew colour technician today. Get as excited as we do over colour!

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent Hair Colour

Permanent colour requires the biggest commitment, yet also offers the widest variety in colour choices. You can choose a shade that enriches your natural colour, completely cover unwanted grey, go deeper, go vibrant and dramatic, or go blonde! To add different dimensional lights through your hair use foiling techniques or colour blocking techniques. New growth becomes noticeable, in 5-6 weeks. Then you simply come in for a touch-up.


This technique temporarily makes a difference in your hair by adding colour without affecting your natural pigment. Blend grey away, go deeper, vibrant or use tone on tone for superior shine and condition. Semi-colour won't lighten the hair. This is perfect for faded, dull or damaged looking hair, and it's perfect for your first time colour experience.


Perming is different things to many people. There is usually one "horror story" in everyone's life… a story of "good hair gone bad!!" Success isn't just a matter of good luck. To guarantee beautiful results every time, The Cutting Crew uses many different and unique methods that remove hard minerals and chemical deposits, and corrective conditioners are added to ensure your hair is protected and ready to perm with minimal damage or stress. By using different techniques, solutions, and texture wraps, your options are virtually limitless. A head of bouncy curls, texture and movement to accentuate your haircut, or soft, romantic volume… The choice is yours!


Hair Relaxers and Anti Curl

Naturally curly hair can be tamed or straightened completely using the finest relaxers in the industry today. Relaxers are a great option for that old perm that's growing out and looking lifeless and dull. Every precaution is taken to ensure your hair is left in optimal condition.

I-Facial Aesthetics

David Mansley has over 30 years Nursing experience working as a Nurse Practitioner in various specialities within the NHS. He has completed additional training within the field of Aesthetics and also is a Non-Medical Prescriber. He started I-facial Aesthetics after being associated with various sporting and Well Being groups and recognising that maintaining youth, vitality and confidence is high on everyone's agenda. He is trained in administering Botulionum "A" Anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) and Dermal Fillers and has completed Advanced training which enables treatment for upper and lower facial treatment as well as treatment for Hyberhidrosis (excessive sweating).