About The Cutting Crew

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is the mission of The Cutting Crew Team to provide customer service so superior that we will remain the standard by which all our competitors will have to measure themselves. We will do this by exceeding the expectations of each and every customer.

Beliefs and Values

  • Without loyal, repeat clientele nothing else matters.
  • We will always put our clients' needs first.
  • Our clients value quality and customer service over price.
  • We will strive to constantly improve our services and products.
  • We will strive to be the most knowledgeable, thoroughly trained team in our profession.
  • We will always maintain great passion for what we do and will continue to strive and do it better.

About Ourselves

  • We are proactive. We understand that change is constant.
  • We realize that every frustration at work is the result of a lack of a system and no one person's fault.
  • We will break out of our Comfort Zones and will continue to ask why we do what we do and ask how we can serve our clients better.
  • We believe mistakes are a part of the process not only in work but in life also, and process never ceases to make us better and stronger.
Our Mission

About Our Business

  • Our business is a reflection of ourselves. It is an extension of who we are, what we do, and what we value not just in our business but in our lives as well.
  • We believe in making time to work not only in but also on our business. This will enable us to achieve a better life for all that come here.
  • Our systems must be simple and easy to follow. Complexities can always be broken down and simplified.

About Our People

  • We care about each other and about our clients.
  • We are honest. We inform our clients of everything they need not just what we want to sell them.
  • We are independent and creative.
  • We are fashionable and fashion conscience.
  • We respect each other and work together as a team.
  • We will learn from each other and pass that knowledge on to others.
  • We will seek solutions and not problems.
  • We will have fun and laugh while we are here.
Our Mission

About Our Clients

  • We understand that unconscious needs and emotions drive our client's choices.
  • We understand that our clients have the freedom to go anywhere and have chosen us, based upon the bonds that we have formed with them.
  • Complaints are opportunities from discriminating clients that help us refine our systems and make us better and stronger in customer service.
  • Our clients expect the best in customer service and demand no less from us.

Our Customers Value Quality of Service, Quality of Product, and Professionalism over price!